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Synaya is the exclusive agent of CISCREA products in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. CISCREA specialises in engineering solutions for hostile envireonments, with a focus on subsea technology.

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DVBot mini-ROV

The DVBot mini-ROV uses a vectored thruster architecture with true lateral motion for great maneuvarability and stability in a compact package. Standard versions include a vehice, surface control unit (including AC/DC converter), a 15" colour LCD daylight readable monitor, an OSD overlay, data and video outputs, control joysticks, and 300m of neutrally boyant tether, as well as shipping cases and operation manual.

A modular design allows to easily add payload instruments and sensors such as sonar, USBL positioning, NDT ultrasonic thickness gauge, etc. The standard configuration can accomodate up to 1.5kg payload. For larger payloads, additional buyancy can be provided.

Standard Features:

  • 4 vectored horizontal thruster
  • 2 vertical thrusters
  • TILT Dome low light camera
  • Low light bullet camera
  • 2 dimmable power LED spot lights
  • Heading, depth & temperature sensors
  • Auto-Depth function
  • Auto-Heading function
  • 2 payload bulkhead connectors
  • Bracket for front or rear option bullet camera position

Optional features:

  • Altimeter
  • 2 additional dimmable power LED spot lights
  • Laser pointers
  • embedded watertight batteries
  • Tooling skid
  • Manual storage winch with slip ring
DVBot PDF Brochure