Synaya's strategy is based on owning a base core of mini-ROVs and tools, and establishing relationships with other operators to outsource equipment on a as needed basis. Based on this approach we strive to provide our client the ideal product and service for their requirements.

Remotely Operated Vehicles, Underwater Robotics

Synaya owns two mini ROVs used for rapid response or lightweight operations.

To ensure the quality of our work, we always deploy with redundant ROVs unless otherwise discussed with our client.

We have one Subsea Tech Guardian, which is a lightweight all in one package. The entire system can be packed in a single armoured crate of 30kg. The vehicle itself weights a nimble 6kg. Whether on the road, plane or helicopter, this system is ideal for rapid deployment. Despite its light footprint this is a capable system, with of 150m depth and with a large thrust to weight ratio. With a 25cm cross section it is an ideal instrument for internal pipeline inspections. The surface console is integrated with a digital video recorder, and the umbilical contains a spare wire pair which can be used to mount and deploy payload instruments. The system is designed with a positive 0.9kg boyancy to facilitate the weight of payloads without having to resort to boyancy compensation floaters.

Guardian Specifications

We also have one Seabotix LVB150. This is a larger and heavier vehicle then the Guardian and is capable of lateral thrust. The system packs into two crates of 30kg each. The vehicle itself weights 11kg, which still allows for trivial launching and retrieving by hand. The LVB is used as either our backup or primary vehicle depending on the scope of work.

LBV150 Specifications

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Aerial Robotics

Synaya is establishing relationships with selected UAV operators, which are fully certified for commercial services by the Civil Aviation Services Authorities (CASA) in Australia. Aerial drone services include fixed wings aircrafts for long flight surveys and mapping, as well as multirotor aircrafts for precision inspections.

Mobile control room

Local operations within the greater Perth area are conducted from our mobile control center motor vehicle. With standing height and a large cargo space, we can operate the control equipment away from direct sunlight, and accomodate several staff to supervise our operation in comfort. We can operate from a generator in remote areas to be completely self sufficient and deploy virtually anywhere with nearby road access.