Mini-ROV ServicesAn eye in the deeps

Synaya can provide mini-ROV based underwater inspections services. ROV are Remotely Operated Vehicles, essentially small submersible vehicles that are operated along a tether from surface control. They are equipped with miniature high-resolution cameras, lights and surface video recording equipment.

Mini-ROVs are small yet capable observation vehicles with a wide range of applications. They are sufficiently lightweight to be deployed by hand, avoiding costly and complicated launching procedures. Their small footprint allows deployment in otherwise difficult situations. They can be self powered by internal batteries and can run without external power for up to 4 hours, perfect for small boats or ultra-lightweight deployment. Synaya specialises in robotics and uses a wide range of equipment. We commit to using the best tool for the customers needs, whether it is one of our fleet or outsourced equipment.

Customers can monitor the video stream in real time during operations, and receive a copy of all footage with the operation report. Micro-ROVs can offer an advantage over conventional commercial diving teams of risk free operation and fast deployment. They can also assist commercial divers by providing an independent viewing perspective or in reconnaissance prior to divers.

  • Potable water tanks +

  • Fire fighting water tanks +

  • Fresh Water reservoirs +

  • Water Outfalls +

  • Underwater pipelines +

  • Hydro-electric dams +

  • Ship & FPSO hulls +

  • Harbour structural surveys +

  • Harbour security +

  • Mining loading terminals +

  • Desalination Plants +

  • Benthic survey +

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