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Synaya is the exclusive agent of Subsea Tech products in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. Subsea Tech specialises in marine technology with a focus on robotics.

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Subsea Tech Guardian 2.1 Mini-ROV

The Guardian 2.1 mini-ROV

The Guardian 2.1 mini-ROV is a high speed and extremely responsive vehicle due to its high power to weight ratio. It is ideally suited for long range missions and pipeline inspections. Despite its small size it is a capable vehicle which can be fitted with diverse payloads such as acoustic camera, grabber, sonar, positioning, and water quality probes.

Guardian 2.1 PDF Brochure

Subsea Tech Observer 3.2 Mini-ROV

The Observer 3.2 mini-ROV

The Observer Mini-ROV has the unique feature to be self powered with onboard batteries allowing an autonomy of 4 hours. This allows for instant operations in the most remote of locations. The entire system packs into a single case under 32kg.

Observer 3.2 PDF Brochure

Subsea Tech Grabber Arm

Two Functions Grabber

This 2 functions grabber arm has been specially designed by Subsea Tech for use with both the Guardian and Observer mini-ROV systems. It is an essential tool for grabbing underwater objects or docking the ROV on subsea structures.

The manipulator can lift up to 200 g on ROV vertical thrust and several kilos pulling the ROV by its umbilical. The Manipulator has two functions: left and right wrist rotation (270°), and jaws opening and closing. It is controlled through the pilot console, using either the keypad or the joystick pan & tilt.

Grabber Arm PDF Brochure

Subsea Tech Winch

Integrated and external winch with slip ring

The integrated winch is especially designed for Subsea Tech Mini ROV products. This manual winch allows a simplified winding and unwinding of the umbilical, leading to space and time savings. The slip ring mounted on the winch allows manipulation without unplugging the umbilical. The winch has been designed to fit in the regular equipment transport case and therefore requires no extra case. It can carry on up to 100 meters of cable (excepted neutral cable not integrating).

The external version is designed for operations requiring important distance of umbilical, as it can carry on up to 250 meters of umbilical (including neutral cable). Stored in a dedicated transport case, the complete system is characterized by its easy handling and its very fast deployment for immediate on site operation with the Subsea Tech Mini ROV.

Winch PDF Brochure

Subsea Tech Catarov T-02 unmanned surface vessel

The Catarob T-02 unmanned surface vessel

The Catarob T-02 is a remote operated catamaran vehicle for multi purpose unmanned support in marine investigations. With a 10 kg payload capacity, it can be fitted with a large range of sensors such as side scan sonar or acoustic camera. The vehicle is controlled wirelessly from a distance greater then 1km.

Catarob T-02 PDF Brochure

Subsea Tech UVS100 underwater camera

The UVS100 underwater camera

The UVS100 is an multipurpose underwater video camera, ultra portable, with embedded batteries providing 4 hours autonomy, or optional 8 hours capacity. The console has an integrated 12” display, the camera is rated to 100m depth (300m optional), and can perform any kind of underwater inspection, whether mounted on a diver or a telescopic pole.

UVS100 PDF Brochure

Subsea Tech Aspirov

The Aspirov suction cleaning skid

Aspirov 1.0 is a water tank cleaning robot. This robot system is composed of the Guardian 2.1 mini ROV for inspection tasks with a crawling/suction skid for cleaning. The system can therefore be used either in cleaning mode (crawling) or in inspection mode (free swimming). One operator only is needed to carry out the cleaning.

Aspirov PDF Brochure