UAV ServicesAerial commercial drones

Synaya is developing UAV based aerial inspections in complement to mini-ROV inspections. Unmanned aerial vehicles are fast becoming widespread in the industry as the technology advances rapidly. They are used to provide aerial inspections, and aerials surveys, and can carry video cameras or specialised payloads. Some vehicles are also capable of landing and observing in-situ. Their competitive advantage is risk free, fast deployment, and at a fraction of the cost, compared to conventional helicopters or airplanes, or rope access inspections.

Their rapidly evolving capabilities are enabling cost effective solution for new strategies in many field, such as site mapping and management. Construction sites can obtain regular and cheap aerial mapping throughout the duration of a project. Mine sites can easily survey their operations or tailings. Offshore structures can be inspected and imaged without human risk. Agricultural survey using multi spectral data can analyse crop health, and similar technique can facilitate forestry management.

Kwinana CBH
Victoria Dam
  • Low altitude aerial photography +

    UAVs are ideally suited for low altitude surveys, since they can fly close to ground level with minimal risk, and
  • Ropless inspections +

  • Building inspections +

  • Construction site mapping +

  • Mine site mapping +

  • Offshore structure inspections +

  • Topographic Surveys +

  • Geophysical survey +

  • Disaster site mapping +

  • Agriculture survey +

  • Forestry survey +

  • Cinematography +

  • Live air pollution measurement +

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